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Franco's Climb for Cambodian kids
Olena & Franco are supporting us on our mission to improve the lives of 10 Cambodian families by helping them to start their own business.
Study points out labour shortcomings
A committee of labour experts has expressed “deep concern” over Cambodia’s discriminatory sacking of unionists, its controversial Union Law and its long-languishing investigation into the death of union leader Chea Vichea, in an International Labour Organization (ILO) report released at the beginning of February.

Photo: Heng Chivoan, Phnom Penh Post
African leaders hailed as countries make gains against malaria
At a time of historic progress toward a malaria-free Africa, the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) honoured eight African countries that have shown commitment and innovation in the fight against the disease.

Photo: Sean Smith for the Guardian
Liberian Labour Minister frowns on child labor
The Ministry of Labor has frowned on the wave of child labor in the country, stressing the need to end the practice. Labour Minister Neto Zarzar Lighe, Sr. said the law against child labor should be vigorously enforced to get children off the streets. “We see our children during school hours selling in the streets, while their mates are in school, children these days have been used as bread winners of the various homes, these things must come to an end”, he emphasized.
Poverty, Inc.
Provocative documentary from Acton Institute fellow examines why those in need aren't always thankful for giving — and what can be done to better improve their situation.

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